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Brand new round of fighting in diapers at home and abroad industry is how to return a responsibility?

Content abstract: the recent milk powder industry haven't die, another round of contest fight wars will start again, and a new round of fighting in diapers, it is how to return a responsibility? Want to find out, with maternal and child take a look at China merchants to join network.

Market capacity in the future will be hundreds of billions

It is said that in 2017 China's diapers market capacity can reach more than $1000, at the sight of the big number, the enterprises must be will sit still and could not take action. Diapers when markets are now locked in a Titanic, new, small brand survival is at stake.

You said this is helpless pain is not a new brand and small and medium-sized brand, itself is not enough, the strength of the background is not enough, money is not enough, don't even give living space, then how to live? Plus those stars, do not give you a chance. So, want to do?

Domestic product disadvantage

How to say, in fact, don't need to worry too much, now even the domestic giant pressure, but they it not better, after all the domestic consumers more favour now is overseas purchase. So, the opportunity to also depends on how to fight for their clients. But not enough confidence because domestic consumption for domestic products, it is a chance.

For domestic brand, to ensure good quality of their products, reassure consumers choose brand, in the mouth slowly to do. Maternal investment promotion to join network preferably is in the middle class, because selling products won the trust of the middle class, strong purchasing power and consumer loyalty up naturally, aspect also naturally is very profitable.

Can survive the long haul is the winner

Since diapers industry there is a market that is certainly there will be a competition, more and more, people will follow the greater the competition out. Diapers is a highly developed industry, go faster means market order will be chaos, the more confused, there will be a new round of reshuffle.

However, only after shuffle surviving enterprises, brand development of better, faster and further. For enterprise brand marketing, to a place far, obtain lasting interest is the most important thing. Those who only stared at the sight, benefit maximization, the neglect of the risk of interests behind are incapable of doing.

Therefore, maternal and child merchants to join web destined to want to say the future of maternal and infant industry is a rapid development of industry, also means that the competition will be more and more fierce, only to understand consumer brand enterprise is the enterprise for a long time.