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Baby angel - love movement of the Gospel

Children sports development always bring parents is more direct.
Sports to promote the process of brain development, for the development of cognitive, language plays a very important role, and the movement may let the baby concentration, form a good habit, the future development of physical and mental plays a considerable role.
Baby angel brand tide tide treasure for love sports have designed a lala pants, make babies again big movement can feel comfortable and dry
[big ring waist soft core], [soft core lala pants] soft breathable bottom membrane core body, to speed up the air circulation, timely release of hot air, make baby's bottom to keep dry. Each piece USES the high polymer absorbent resin, absorbing water efficient fast, can't afford to tuo layer.
Tide baby focus on new generation high quality development of maternal and infant diapers, trying to culture, from the ideology of raw materials, production process, product/service details such as brand. Tide baby brand wants to create cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements for babies to drink growth idea, by the real good quality drink comprehensive system function, individuation and diversification of growth for the baby to provide limitless possibilities.


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Local diapers to build brand welcomed and industry globalization

Recently, the reporter visits, found that many ceramics, paper, milk powder companies announced a high-profile foray into the diapers, and while a surge in new brand, kao, curious and other traditional brands abroad stepped in to the layout of the domestic channels. According to the MPE company predicts that by 2017, the Chinese diapers market scale will expand to 120 billion yuan, in the Chinese market to foreign brands will reach 200. The industry is generally believed that diapers industry, in the period of highlighting the infighting reshuffle is inevitable. Diapers when the market is huge, but also competition is intense, the rational response to market, combining with creative marketing for enterprises to win the party development is a long-term solution.

"Right" hot diapers industry

As is known to all, "after 80" has entered the stage of children's comprehensive, kiss bei institute, according to data from the next three years to 54.93 million babies are born, "baby boom" has struck a third time. With the change of consumption idea, a new generation of young parents baby diapers in domestic consumer demand significantly stronger trends, this let baby diapers industry as a potential huge market.

Related reports, the Chinese government of "two child policy", and is likely to have a second child of about 90 million pairs of husband and wife, before 2050, the working-age population will increase by 30 million, China was seen as a potential market. China USES the average baby disposable diapers is 21 piece, five years ago has risen to 39 pieces of last year. It is reported, China's consumption per person in market penetration of baby diapers and baby diapers cost is still a big gap compared with developed countries. Ms cheung bei institute analyst said, the United States and other developed countries, diapers rate nearly 100%, Chinese diapers penetration is only 30% ~ 40%.

In fujian, a 32-year-old woman said, "because both husband and wife work outside for a long time, the old man took the child, the baby three and a half years old still use diapers." This reflects the typical dependence on a new generation of mom for diapers.

The huge market demand is the root of diapers to build brand hot, falling from the industry barriers to entry and raw materials, high degree of product maturity and industry machinery, external favorable factors, forming a "right" the best time, in its bid to make a lot of the boss.

"This year, we will invest $2 to create a new brand of diapers." Jinjiang a veteran diapers material supplier Mr Ma (a pseudonym) told reporters, their diapers brand will take on the market the best equipment and process, the quality is not lower than the international line of big shop sign, but the price is absolutely populist. There are full of confidence to win ceramics, the reporter learned that the company is also in the industries of power is at the end of diapers, investment scale is not small. In addition, the quanzhou shu shuang sanitary products co., LTD., "Susan mommy" diapers made card less than half a year, the condition of the market sell like hot cakes, all let all move. "Recently, we are also looking for business friend, emphasize diapers and adult pants." Jinjiang some foreign trade company executives miss Yang told reporters.

"From the first wave of 2008 diapers enterprises produce up to now, the brand to produce diapers based enterprises, such as baby comfortable treasure, finches, Anne er joy and some other local brands are doing a good job." Hung industry more than 20 years, miss Yang said, compared with other industries, diapers industry admittance threshold is low, the investment risk is small, return is good, in recent years, unless it is blind expansion or enterprise product quality is very poor, general enterprise brand or OEM live relatively moist.

Diapers industry itself is good on the one hand, miss Yang also told reporters the industries "critical point". Now, she says, the investment for a brand of diapers could be the lowest cost. First, before buying a import diapers machinery production line to 5 million to 10 million yuan, homebred at least 3 million yuan, now only need to professional machinery leasing company lease can be; Second, the diapers when compared to the cost of raw materials save 20% ~ 30% in the previous years; Third, high mechanization degree of diapers, ten workers left and right sides, can begin to assembly line production. Fourthly, between different brands of diapers almost finished, mature technology, market selling products new brand can be done immediately; Moreover, diapers easy circulation preservation, promotion and marketing channels and the cost is low.

"In general, a new brand diapers as long as the quality is guaranteed, inwardly a big province, a couple of million a year in sales is not a problem." For diapers status quo of data collection and analysis, more firm determination of miss Yang entrepreneurship.

Thousand brand cluster or accelerate the industry reshuffle

In recent years, the giant bain and biostime milk powder, shampoo brand wuyang, paper giant shun jie soft, vader successively in overweight diapers industry. In addition, according to bei institute of statistics, in 2014 China around 1200 diapers industry brand. Local a diapers material supplier bright elder brother tells a reporter, jinjiang greatly small upstream and downstream enterprises are no less than thousands associated with diapers, diapers light play there are hundreds of brands.

"There's a diapers at Southampton and jinjiang factory, hope the company can be bought." Quanzhou union paper co., LTD., chairman of Wu Jiaolong tells a reporter, along with the infant child market hot, diapers industry this "cake" although looks very beautiful, but in fact are not good "eat". Polarization is relatively serious, unless it is find a way of brand or one or two lines to brand foundry pattern is very difficult to survive.

According to introducing, the two companies are also taking brand line before, but is adopted in the traditional mode of distributor, the goods are in the channel, the receivable is slow, and if have urgent, dealers also have to have the goods returned to. This leads to brand the way to go, so we have to give another brand OEM, and the current market is the profit is not high, the brand out of contract won't be high-end products, low-end products OEM, both of us no excess profit. It can be said that the two are looking for the acquisition of diapers manufacturer is very representative, a lot of only one or two production line manufacturers, are facing the embarrassing situation.

The reporter learns to visit enterprise, good enterprises has now started, passion and poorly run factories, has not yet started, because of lack of order. Last year, the diaper iteration is very fast, also in the popular "big ring waist" "the hourglass pants" has swept up this year, the previous diapers manufacturers can be 3 to 5 years in a device, and now manufacturers to remain competitive, basically every year to update your equipment. But equipment update, for factory is a big investment, and diapers is product homogeneity is very serious, can be said to be the low barriers for high technology industries, the competition is fierce.

"In addition, most of the equipment for 1 minute before the 300 or so, and now the basic equipment 1 minute in 400 ~ 500, once the marketable product is not right, the pressure is very big also, equipment is advanced, the greater the pressure." Wu Jiaolong told reporters that the company's "best ni shu" brand, the domestic market can go is relatively stable, because the brand has a very solid foundation in foreign countries, there are enough to support the factory outside the single operation. No single complementary businesses, especially the new brand of pressure.

In addition to domestic brand constantly emerging, international brand channel sinking trend is increasingly obvious, even by a few manufacturer in China established a production base. In Wu Jiaolong point of view, although the international brand channels sinks, but mainly concentrated in a second-tier cities, at the same time, the local consumer brand awareness will be stronger. In order to avoid competition with these big face, a joint paper "optimal ni shu" brand around coastal cities, mainly into three or four line city, it has been proved that this strategy is right, in the city, "optimal ni shu" already have considerable visibility.

Previously, hengan diapers development director wang gz, once told the media, said the rise of diapers industry would undergo gradual consolidation and reshuffle at the end of the consolidation.

Creative marketing into diapers to break "killer app"

Huge market, competition is intense, industry admittance threshold is low, serious product homogeneity, under this background, the international premium brands such as curiosity, pampers, kao is a "handsome" Grosvenor LTD, domestic well-known brand's birds, baby comfortable treasure of all is, how to play the market to achieve breakthrough new brand, a lot of the personage inside course of study thinks, quality is absolutely the first and the rest is play. Who can have a good marketing ideas and play, who will be able to occupy the market.

In terms of brand, also always do better than domestic companies. "In the domestic market at present, the basic pampers and curious only two foreign companies will advertise on media, as well as some real brand promotion, domestic manufacturers in the high-end diapers and brand operation is basically not involved." Mommy, the Soviet union, 'says Susan doing diapers, many domestic manufacturers of basic ideas are as long as the things produced, and then to a the cheapest price to sell.

Low price although can win a lot of market, but the Soviet union, in charge of the Susan mommy is engineering light assets operation. "Precisely, our branding is less than half a year, all the products are looking for local manufacturers foundry, but the overall sales development and brand reputation is good." Now the competition is not, in his opinion, channels and product, but the differentiation of marketing. "Intention of consumers will find, our product packaging, brand identity, do more sophisticated, the inner packing of the products on the processing of detail is more perfect. The same is lala pants, different manufacturers of the specifications of the basic about the same size, but a lot of times an edge grinding a small technology can highlight the product differentiation."

In addition to the brand, product details, the future technical threshold will be more and more is also high. Miss Yang told reporters that plans to build a brand of diapers on the selling point of deodorization is more outstanding, the deodorization technology is patented technology and materials, in terms of performance and parameters can bring a whole new experience to consumers, can instantly create differentiation with other brands, pull open class.

In addition, many in the industry also said that the price of raw materials, production equipment, research and development costs, channel costs will affect the production cost of diapers, especially the present brand and product elements have become two of diapers industry competition.

For the future development, the Soviet union, 'says this is domestic companies a chance. "On the one hand, the domestic enterprises can be more cost-effective products to attract consumers to buy; on the other hand, through the Internet channel to open channels to avoid the competition with foreign brand in the traditional channels; at the same time, can also through shaping its own product brand reach a cooperation with suppliers, to control the upstream supply chain." (source: jinjiang news)


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Diapers and lala pants You don't know

About the diapers and lala pants You don't know What are the advantages of lala pants? Lala pants say again into trousers, toddler pants. Is used as a transition of diapers and general underwear: USES the same material as the diapers and structure. The main difference lies in the lala pants are training pants, it is free to wear off, like little underwear and diapers that is a bit weak. Lala pants are generally use after baby one full year of life, baby will go after, also need to be trained in the urine, so lala pants is convenient, is equivalent to give your baby to wear a cotton underwear, can achieve the goal of training and preventing the baby's urine trousers. Lala pants is not only a common diapers urinary function, lala is elastic waistband department, and has the function of the shorts. For active baby, lala pants pants design is better than diapers, dress in a more personal, and flexible, convenient to the baby's activities. Also can help reduce mother overworked, let baby easily learn walking. How old baby wear pants? Lala pants are mainly considering the baby activity ability gradually strengthened, in order to adapt to the baby crawling, standing, walking and running, etc. So, small make up think the baby will take, especially after the climb (usually 7, 8 months) can consider using lala pants, or in the use of M or L diapers can match use lala pants, but remember, it too early to and during the excessive and diapers with collocation, lala pants without the baby lying down, standing to wear off, also pretty convenient. Big baby, of course, also can use the same general diapers, lala pants just give mothers have one more convenient choice. About the diapers and lala pants You don't know Lala pants to wear? Wear it: like to wear underwear set up directly, if you want to loose or tight points can tear the Velcro adjustable. Take off: some brand lala pants have stickers on both sides, you can tear the sticker directly to take off her pants, with no stickers lala pants, can also keep the waist on both sides of the sealing tore off her pants. The above time, baby wear more in the winter. Use can reduce lala pants. The use of lala pants tips Mixer lala pants usually can be use after baby will crawl. When the baby will go after, also need to be trained in urine. Although very convenient, but the price will more expensive than diapers, so suggested that mothers combined with diapers are used together. Mixer lala pants should be used lively baby. Many big months baby kicking for every time when changing diapers, mom is not easy to operate, with lala pants would be easier, because of her baby pants don't have to lie on your back this feature, go out not convenient can choose lala pants when the baby lying down. Low months baby diapers to suit choice, because their droppings number is more, and they will not stand, lost the meaning of using lala pants. Low months baby diapers to suit choice, because their droppings number is more, and they will not stand, lost the meaning of using lala pants. , with the increase of baby months baby body activities become more and more rich, from started to roll over, sit down, to learn to learn to climb, learning to walk, change the diapers are becoming more challenging; This time the baby is cognitive and explore the world through play, don't be bothered to play can help the baby more focused, more conducive to cognitive development. But as the baby grow up slowly, the baby can be a constant reminder to urinate, slowly is don't have to pull pants, train baby own urine. Healthy life (source: sig)

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United States: 2020 adult diapers when the size of the market will catch up with the baby diapers

China's health supplies network - March 18:

Foreign media reported recently, according to the survey, according to a study in 2020, the United States adult diapers when market will more than baby diapers. At least one-third of americans due to pregnancy, childbirth, diabetes, obesity and other reasons have bladder problems.

According to bloomberg, according to a report is expected in the next four years of adult incontinence products sales to grow by 48%, while sales rose only 2.6% of baby diapers, behind the adult diapers. A true reflection of the data is the transition of the enterprise marketing activities recently, such as Kimberly - Clark and companies such as procter & gamble.

Over the past five years, the adult diapers campaign white-haired old man is replaced by their 40 s and 50 s star. As the young man's face appeared in the marketing activity, the brand is making a concerted effort to attract consumers to buy the new product, the product is considered in the traditional sense incontinence used old man.

Procter & gamble's famous brand of sanitary napkin Always also launched new products for young consumers, Always Discreet is committed to create "intangible" diapers, can solve more tiny leak. 2015, Kimberly - Clark, increase the intensity of industry innovation, introduced for incontinence pads in the style of diapers Poise Impressa, it can with the power of the absorbent organization, improve and support the urethra.

However, old people still is the adult diapers when the target group for the vocation.

Research institutions Research & Markets of adult diapers when global Markets, according to the report, the extension of life expectancy and falling fertility rate in adult diapers when the market growth over the baby diapers.

In January 2016, the agency's report stressed that older people are more easily affected by disease or the environment, cause urinary incontinence, thus the extension of life means that the demand for such products will soar. According to the report also shows that, although America company ready to ascend diapers in the market, but they also look to the global market, such as China, India, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia, etc.


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How to wear diapers to avoid leakage of urine? The five skills let the baby does not leak urine

1. Choose the right size is important

Diapers are usually marked the dimensions shown on the outer packing is suitable for the weight of standard values, but each size has a certain scope, there may be overlap each other. That is because different babies may have different size, height, on May 6, leg circumference size is different. Parents in the choice of diapers when judged not only by weight, more in be used actually to observe. If the baby wearing the diapers after slightly loose, so size is likely to be selected, are more prone to leakage. Want to make sure the baby is not urine leakage, choose the right size is the primary, but parents can't choose because of this size is too small, otherwise it's easy to bad baby's leg and the waist.

2. After the leakage, the back is higher than the belly

After baby when I sleep more prone to leakage, mothers in addition to the choose and buy when lay particular stress on the diapers of tall waist design products, in use can move a little mind. First of all, the palm of your diapers on the baby's bottom, pay attention to the back to put a little higher than the abdomen, and then pull up diapers in the legs to the navel, attach the Velcro on both sides of the prison. Doing so can more effectively prevent urine leak out from behind the fart fart, aunt to towel is actually a reason?

3. Anti sliding sideways, leakproof side stand up for your baby to wear diapers has several steps?

Rip diapers, put the baby up, paste diapers three finished? NO NO NO!!!!!! Before the baby wear diapers, mothers also helped the diapers fold part with finger side, preventing leakage for leakproof side to stand up, so as to effectively prevent sliding sideways. Leakproof side also called anti sliding sideways best, ruffles in the thigh is set up, can effectively prevent the waste down the thigh and the space between the diapers to leakage. In addition, after the good wearing diapers, mothers, reoccupy hand down the best baby thighs le a circle, ensure hem to folds and posted under the baby's legs, lest affect leakproof effects.

4. Prevent sliding sideways, Velcro on both sides to alignment

Most of the diapers paste area marked the scale (such as digital scale 1, 2, 3), at the time of glue Velcro, mothers should not only according to the baby's waistline to choose the appropriate scale, more important is to ensure that the two sides of the Velcro all choose the same scale, so as to avoid the diapers wear no slanting, reduce the probability of sliding sideways. In addition, adjust the Velcro, up and down the paste area can also adjust the baby thighs firmness. When the baby is about a finger around the gap thighs just by the way, don't too loose or too tight, so as to maximize the function of the diapers.

5. Observe the wet, according to timely change the diapers

No matter what what brand materials of diapers, there is always a maximum capacity. Sometimes is not diapers performance is not good, but the baby pee frequency is too high or urine volume is larger, had to feed the water absorption of beads in the diapers. Diapers capacity to the limit, there would be no effect in preventing leakage, so learn to timely change diapers is also very important.